I want this sooooo bad.

one.dress.finished, originally uploaded by annamariahorner.

This dress is gorgeous. I love it and I want it.

Anna Maria Horner designed the fabric and her daughter (the model, I believe) designed the dress. Maybe the 90 comments or so on her blog will convince her to sell the pattern to us all. The fabric, called Drawing Room, is not on sale yet, but I’ll be sure to get some as soon as it’s ready! Maybe I can find a pattern simple enough to test it out on. Although, with my record, it might take me 5 years or so to get up the courage to try it out.




I’m a bit backwards sometimes. I started sewing quilts first before going on to the more simpler projects… like pillows.

front pillow

It just takes me a long time to work up the nerve to try something new. I don’t want to mess it up! So, here we are, a year and a half later attempting (successfully!) to make pillows for my couch.

I think it took me longer to choose the fabric than to actually make them. The fabric I settled on was chosen by E sometime last year and was actually supposed to be used for placemats (another project that has not been attempted yet).

pillow back

It amazes me that I lined up the colored wavy lines on the back of the pillow without even trying. Totally unintentional.

Well, I’m happy. I did it… finally! Now I’ll be able to move on to the various other projects on my list with a tiny bit of confidence.

Ooh! Quilt giveaway at Old Red Barn Co.

Old Red Barn quilt giveaway

How exciting! Take a look at this cute and cuddly quilt that’s being given away on Old Red Barn Co.

Post a comment and enter by March 19th to win.

Ah. Professor Cozy! So nice to meet you.

I made this new coffee sleeve last night. I call it “Professor Cozy.” And every time I say the name in my head I use a British accent. Just seems to fit. “Professor Cozy. How’s it going old chap?”

Professor Cozy? Is that you, old chap?

I used fabric from an old wool suit on the outside and cotton shirt on the inside. I had been getting requests for more masculine coffee sleeves and the only one I had that fit the bill was a robot print.

robot coffee sleeve

I also ordered a rubber stamp with my logo in order to make my own labels. I think it ended up being pretty cute. I’m going to get some ribbons or twill tape to stamp them on in the future, but old fabric scraps work for now. I had been using individual letter stamps with fabric paint to make the labels, but it was just too messy and inconsistent. I found out about fabric ink pads from the Bend the Rules Sewing flickr group discussion. It was very helpful.


Inside professor cozy's label

Fabric storage… and coffee.

Ahh. I finally have some things organized.

Fabric storage... and coffee.

It took quite a bit of time to put all of this stuff away, but it does feel good. It’s so nice to be able to see all of your fabric choices at one time. The three bins are filled with scarf supplies: 1. silk kimono pieces, 2. brown wool fabric from old suits, and 3. gray wool fabric from old suits. On the two shelves that are out of view are batting & interfacing and then a long bin for random things like purse handles, etc.

The coffee. I had to move it off the cutting table because I kept finding little threads in it whenever I took a sip.

Brooklyn Quilt Show this weekend

I wish I has someone to go with. I think I need some quilting/sewing friends.

The City Quilter once emailed me to see if I was interested in being interviewed about quilting. The catch was that you had to belong to a group of other young quilters who got together to talk about it. Not me. “I’m a lone quilter.”


possible coffee sleeve fabrics

What to use first? hmmm….

fabric #1

fabric #2

fabric #3