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Ah. Professor Cozy! So nice to meet you.

I made this new coffee sleeve last night. I call it “Professor Cozy.” And every time I say the name in my head I use a British accent. Just seems to fit. “Professor Cozy. How’s it going old chap?”

Professor Cozy? Is that you, old chap?

I used fabric from an old wool suit on the outside and cotton shirt on the inside. I had been getting requests for more masculine coffee sleeves and the only one I had that fit the bill was a robot print.

robot coffee sleeve

I also ordered a rubber stamp with my logo in order to make my own labels. I think it ended up being pretty cute. I’m going to get some ribbons or twill tape to stamp them on in the future, but old fabric scraps work for now. I had been using individual letter stamps with fabric paint to make the labels, but it was just too messy and inconsistent. I found out about fabric ink pads from the Bend the Rules Sewing flickr group discussion. It was very helpful.


Inside professor cozy's label

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