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Happy Birthday, Joan!

And Thanks! You inspired me to make my first tote bag. I hope you like it!

Happy Birthday, Joan!

I made this using Amy Karol’s book “Bend the Rules Sewing.” I modified it a bit by making it bigger, using two long handles with different fabrics on each side, using inferfacing for stability and sturdiness, and making a double sided pocket.

It didn’t take as long as I expected, although I couldn’t say how long it actually took. There was a minor setback when I topstiched the outside and one handle was loose. I had to rip out the thread, turn it back inside-out and then re-sew it all. But that’s fine. The thread is not 100% perfectly straight (as I expect it should be, even on a first try), but it’s okay. I’m coming to terms with that.

Joan's tote bag

The outside is twill fabric in teal. The inside fabrics come from Target. They were sheets that I had to buy because I knew they would be super fucking adorable someday when I reincarnated them. heh heh. Now I want to make one for myself, but maybe a bit bigger. Or maybe Joan wouldn’t like me copying. We’ll see.

tote bag pocket

2 Responses

  1. I LOVE this bag! Can you be commissioned for special orders? You are inspiring me Kim!

  2. Thanks, Rose! I think I might do that. I have had 4 people at work request bags as well.

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