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Pot holders & Place mats

I was very productive this weekend! I think the tote bag really gave me a boost of confidence.

potholders and placemats

I finished two items (or six, really) that have been needed for quite some time: pot holders and place mats. Many months ago I suggested that maybe we just buy them, but Etienne would not let me. He told me I had to make them myself.

placemats four set

After quite some time, deliberating about which style of placemats to make, I settled on a classic three panel tryptich. Haha. No. Kidding. I made that up, of course. I just  thought it might be nice to pretend that the side panels were meaningful. A place where the silverware could lay. Designated.

double-sided placemats

The place mats are double sided. The black for when you have some Indian food and the cream for when you are eating cereal. Very important. Actually I just wanted some variety and wanted so badly to use both colors of the Lecien My Folklore fabric. It’s soooo cute. I mean mushrooms, electric blue squirrels, and fruit bearing trees with roosters! I had to use it for something that I could look at often.

pot holders

It was pretty much the same thought for the pot holders. I almost made robot pot holders, but Etienne suggested using one of the really cute fabrics instead. I bought this polar bear and bunny summer fabric a long time ago. Just look at the polar bears cycling and smiling. And the bunny in his old fashioned swimsuit is great.

pot holders

I used Denyse Schmidt’s “Too Hot To Handle” pot holder pattern from her quilting book. I decided to make it thicker, though, by adding a layer of insulating material for safety. No burns, thank you very much.

pot holders binding

And the craftiest, most amazing part of all… the binding. When I made Joan’s tote bag out of sheets I cut off the edge of the sheets where the fabric was folded up. I thought, “Kim. You should save that. In the most perfect crafty world we can use EVERY bit of leftover fabric. No wasting, please.” So, I opened it up and used it for binding. Not very complicated, but I felt good that I wasn’t wasting and that I didn’t have to make any binding myself. Bleh. I think the white binding looks really nice against the rest, too.

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