Fall Look

label making

Fall seems closer than it should be. Last weekend I realized that I needed to get down to business. I need to make lots and lots of coffee sleeves and scarves for fall, but also so that I can stock pile some for winter when people are looking for stocking stuffers.

finished scarf

That got me thinking about how I actually sold my own scarf to someone last winter, so I’ll need to make a new one for myself. The scarves I sold were made out of fabric from used men’s suits and paired with silk kimono pieces. 

Professor Cozy? Is that you, old chap?

Professor Cozy was born out of the same suit pieces and some old button down work shirts.

As I started to work on some more coffee sleeves I decided to combine the suit pieces with some of my pretty new fabrics. I think the combination is great!

the future

I think I might steer the Doe and the Mouse in this direction for fall. I really like the way it’s going.


Nautical bag

Well, here it is. My concerns were alleviated when I saw the finished product. I’m really enjoying the red stripes. 

nautical bag outside


nautical bag inside

It really turned out to be quite big. Great for lots of beach towels. Plus it’s not too thick, so you can fold it up and carry it around in your purse if you want. And my boss liked it, so that’s great, too. Yay! Now my direct boss wants one, too.

Nautical fabrics?

Hmmm. I was going to post about how I went to Mood Fabrics this week (made famous by Project Runway), but now it doesn’t seem so important.

Basically, I was asked to make a tote bag for my boss. She wants it to have nautical colors and is able to hold four beach towels for her family. I gave her a variety of color themes and she was fine with all of them and left it up to me. I found the following fabrics at mood…

nautical fabrics

The red and white stripe canvas would be the outside and the navy polka dot on white would be the lining. I haven’t picked the handle webbing yet, but it could be navy, yellow, off white. Now, I picked the red and white canvas because they didn’t have any of the other colors I would liked, such as teal, yellow, blue, etc. So this whole thing could have gone in a totally different direction.

The problem is: does it look like a flag now? Is it too patriotic? I actually had a dream about it last night where I showed my boss and she hated it.

I have to think about this more. Should I have a different lining fabric? Would yellow handles help? Or do I have to just try it and see? I guess from the outside it would still be cute.