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Nautical fabrics?

Hmmm. I was going to post about how I went to Mood Fabrics this week (made famous by Project Runway), but now it doesn’t seem so important.

Basically, I was asked to make a tote bag for my boss. She wants it to have nautical colors and is able to hold four beach towels for her family. I gave her a variety of color themes and she was fine with all of them and left it up to me. I found the following fabrics at mood…

nautical fabrics

The red and white stripe canvas would be the outside and the navy polka dot on white would be the lining. I haven’t picked the handle webbing yet, but it could be navy, yellow, off white. Now, I picked the red and white canvas because they didn’t have any of the other colors I would liked, such as teal, yellow, blue, etc. So this whole thing could have gone in a totally different direction.

The problem is: does it look like a flag now? Is it too patriotic? I actually had a dream about it last night where I showed my boss and she hated it.

I have to think about this more. Should I have a different lining fabric? Would yellow handles help? Or do I have to just try it and see? I guess from the outside it would still be cute.

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  1. Just think about how much closer you are to my “Opposite Day” bag now!

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