Fall Guide to Maximum Comfort

red riding hood coffee sleeve

Hi guys!

Still working on tons of coffee sleeves. I have a bulk order to fill, so I’ve been super busy. But if you get a chance, please check out my friend Sarah Jackson’s blog “Sarahcentric” for her guide to every neccesity for fall “Maximum Comfort.” My little red riding hood coffee sleeve is featured as one of those neccesities.

Now, if you don’t know about Maximum Comfort, you really should. It’s a vital part of life. It’s pretty self explanatory, but it involves physical and mental comfort in every form. For more information, see Sarah’s  section on Maximum Comfort.

My fondest memory of Maximum Comfort was when I was a teenager. I had a perfect fluffy cloud of a bed. For some reason I had asked for a water bed at the time. It has a built in heater and it was topped with a down comforter. It was the perfect cocoon, especially because my parents never turned up the heat past 65 in winter. Then to top it off I had my own telephone line and cable tv with remote. I could stay in there all weekend! Man, that was great. I often think of it fondly, but have never been able to recreate the splendor.


Hello Yellow.

You’ve been oh so patient. Waiting on your little shelf. Hoping for that special day.

hello yellow

But, you were so tricky. So delicate and thin. What could possibly become of you?

so thin

Well, yellow fabric… your destiny has been revealed. I hope you live up to it.


To be continued….

Cozy Crazy

Hi. It’s been a while now, but I make a promise to you, right here and now, that I will be posting much more often. Just thought you should know.

cozy crazy

I have been super busy making tons of cozies/coffee sleeves these last two weekends. Christmas time is close at hand and I have got to get a head start this year. I’ve got to stockpile. Last year, I had so many friends and co-workers order them in the last couple weeks leading up to christmas that I was surviving on six hours of sleep a night. That’s torture to me. I love sleep too much! 

So, friends, take a look at my Etsy shop if you get a chance. They make awesome stocking stuffers, thoughtful eco-friendly gifts, and are great for small tokens of appreciation to teachers, neighbors and co-workers.

Meanwhile, I’ll be right here in the sewing room.


  cozy crazy


But at least I have some company…


Zooey, my sewing partner

Zooey, the cat: always available to sleep somewhere nearby, anytime of day.

Kauai fabrics and patterns

 I just came back from Kauai. It’s so beautiful there.

ke'e beach
I went to this fabric/quilting store there called Kapaia Stitchery. They had so much stuff to choose from and you could tell that the continual growth of so many flowers all over the island have definitely influenced the fabric designers there.

I wanted to get some local fabrics so, this is what I chose:


Bright colorful and fun.


The turtle print is exclusive to the shop.


my favorites

And these are my absolute favorites. I love them so much! I am not sure what these will be used for yet, but perhaps a quilt would be nice mixed with some white fabric, of course.


hawaiian patterns

At the last minute, I picked these two pattern books up at the airport. I’m sure they had them at the quilting store, but I just didn’t think of it then.