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Label Makin’

My cream herringbone ribbon finally came in from M&J Trims on Friday. Phew! I was getting a bit worried because the white ribbon is on back order and I have alot of coffee sleeves to finish up by the end of the week. 

This morning I set to work. It’s a time consuming process. A bit nerve racking as well because I am stamping the ribbon with fabric ink and I hate when it doesn’t come out perfectly. But all in all I have about 170 labels now – or at least that much because I may have lost count once or twice. More is always better, anyway.


I’m beginning to think I think it’s time to take the next step and order some real woven fabric labels instead of making my own. The stamping was supossed to be a temporary solution. I’m just not sure where to buy them. There are so many places online, it feels hard to choose. If anyone has a place they love, please let me know! I would love to hear from you.

3 Responses

  1. Ebay Hong Kong sells woven labels at a decent price for the amount you get. I am thinking of buying some myself. HTH 🙂

  2. Ummmm, when are you giving me that coffee mug?

  3. Cherry Hill Photography… Thanks for the Ebay info!

    and Sarah… Umm, No! You can steal your own mug. I got it when they were cleaning out the promo closets at work.

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