Fly Brain Fabric

My printed fabric from Spoonflower arrived last week. I wanted to test it out first by getting a swatch. I decided on an image that my friend, a scientist, had made from one of her experiments – A Fly Brain!

color brain

I thought the darkness of the image would really test the limits of the printed fabric. And besides, the fly brain is so cool looking that if it came out well enough then it might be nice to make stuff with it. What stuff, you ask? I have no clue, yet. That’s why I took so long to post this. I wanted to make something and post all stages of the project, but that will have to wait.

fly fabric brain from Spoonflower

It’s pretty amazing looking, but this might not be the best use of Spoonflower. I think the colors are too dark. You can tell from the close up below that you lose some details compared with the original.

fly brain close up

All in all, it’s pretty amazing to order your own fabric, so I would definitely use them again… As soon as I come up with a great design. There are certainly people out there who have used Spoonflower in amazing ways, one of my favorites being The Small Object who made a letter to her niece on a quilt.


New To Do

Lazy cat being flat

Wow! Look at that amazingly lazy cat. I have been super busy these days, especially compared to him. Sometimes, it’s just not fair to see him so relaxed when I feel so stressed out.

I’m have finished my bulk order of coffee sleeves (Phew!), but all this time I have been making a mental list of the seemingly endless tasks/items to make before christmas. It doesn’t look like much, but it feels like a huge undertaking. The coffee sleeves alone will take forever, just because I feel like I need to make a million. I’ve been so stressed out about it, that I took a whole  week of vacation, so I could get a good head start. The boyfriend cautions that I MUST do some fun stuff for myself during that time, though, like a museum or movie, etc. We’ll see…


1. Austen’s Quilt – It’s almost done. Just need to add the binding.

2. Susan’s christmas orders – 2 Teacher’s Tote Bags and 1 insulated lunch bag. (I should make myself one of those, too)

3. A million coffee sleeves  – For the craft fair at the Brooklyn Lyceum.

4. Rose’s christmas orders – Well, that’s a surprise. Sorry!

5. A scarf for myself – It’s cold as shit now and I sold my own scarf last winter to the boyfriend’s sister in-law. 

6. RB’s scarf – black polka dots with a black flannel backing. Should be cute.

7. Yellow checkered scarf – That needs to be made. Then again, it is a fall or spring scarf. It could wait considering number 5 on the list.

Label Makin’

My cream herringbone ribbon finally came in from M&J Trims on Friday. Phew! I was getting a bit worried because the white ribbon is on back order and I have alot of coffee sleeves to finish up by the end of the week. 

This morning I set to work. It’s a time consuming process. A bit nerve racking as well because I am stamping the ribbon with fabric ink and I hate when it doesn’t come out perfectly. But all in all I have about 170 labels now – or at least that much because I may have lost count once or twice. More is always better, anyway.


I’m beginning to think I think it’s time to take the next step and order some real woven fabric labels instead of making my own. The stamping was supossed to be a temporary solution. I’m just not sure where to buy them. There are so many places online, it feels hard to choose. If anyone has a place they love, please let me know! I would love to hear from you.

Procrastination Inspiration

Mental dialogue last night…

Left Brain: Just what do you think you are doing, young lady?

Right Brain: Well, uh… You see I had these fabric squares. And I just thought maybe they would make cute coasters. I mean, everybody needs coasters.

Left Brain: Yeah, but nobody needs coasters when there are 130 coffee sleeves to make – right now. Focus!

sixty five coffee sleeves


I am a notorious procrastinator. I was born this way. I’ve gotten better, though, especially when things that I need to do are items that are paid for already. Yesterday, I was doing so well. I had 65 coffee sleeves cut out and sewn together (about the half way point to being done).


coffee sleeves


But somehow, things went awry. Suddenly I find myself matching up fabric squares and making 22 coasters.


coasters and cozies

“Procrastination Inspiration” has hit. That’s when you feel inspired to create something RIGHT THIS VERY SECOND… when you really should be doing something else.

I guess it’s okay, though. I still got a lot of work done.

Fall Guide to Maximum Comfort

red riding hood coffee sleeve

Hi guys!

Still working on tons of coffee sleeves. I have a bulk order to fill, so I’ve been super busy. But if you get a chance, please check out my friend Sarah Jackson’s blog “Sarahcentric” for her guide to every neccesity for fall “Maximum Comfort.” My little red riding hood coffee sleeve is featured as one of those neccesities.

Now, if you don’t know about Maximum Comfort, you really should. It’s a vital part of life. It’s pretty self explanatory, but it involves physical and mental comfort in every form. For more information, see Sarah’s  section on Maximum Comfort.

My fondest memory of Maximum Comfort was when I was a teenager. I had a perfect fluffy cloud of a bed. For some reason I had asked for a water bed at the time. It has a built in heater and it was topped with a down comforter. It was the perfect cocoon, especially because my parents never turned up the heat past 65 in winter. Then to top it off I had my own telephone line and cable tv with remote. I could stay in there all weekend! Man, that was great. I often think of it fondly, but have never been able to recreate the splendor.

Hello Yellow.

You’ve been oh so patient. Waiting on your little shelf. Hoping for that special day.

hello yellow

But, you were so tricky. So delicate and thin. What could possibly become of you?

so thin

Well, yellow fabric… your destiny has been revealed. I hope you live up to it.


To be continued….

Cozy Crazy

Hi. It’s been a while now, but I make a promise to you, right here and now, that I will be posting much more often. Just thought you should know.

cozy crazy

I have been super busy making tons of cozies/coffee sleeves these last two weekends. Christmas time is close at hand and I have got to get a head start this year. I’ve got to stockpile. Last year, I had so many friends and co-workers order them in the last couple weeks leading up to christmas that I was surviving on six hours of sleep a night. That’s torture to me. I love sleep too much! 

So, friends, take a look at my Etsy shop if you get a chance. They make awesome stocking stuffers, thoughtful eco-friendly gifts, and are great for small tokens of appreciation to teachers, neighbors and co-workers.

Meanwhile, I’ll be right here in the sewing room.


  cozy crazy


But at least I have some company…


Zooey, my sewing partner

Zooey, the cat: always available to sleep somewhere nearby, anytime of day.