Delicious & Cute Giveaway

Do you like coffee? Of course you do.  And it’s even better when it’s free!

nautical stripes

Head over to Sarahcentric, where you can enter to win some delicious and hard to find Graham Cracker coffee and one of my cute coffee sleeves  in honor of Sarahcentric’s new blog design. She will be selecting two winners and giving you extra special ways to enter more than once. 

Believe me, I’ve had this Graham Cracker coffee and it’s sooo very good. I beg Sarah to bring me some every time she goes upstate. Even my boyfriend, who hates flavored coffee, loves it.

So, please head over to Sarahcentric now to enter!!


Ah. Professor Cozy! So nice to meet you.

I made this new coffee sleeve last night. I call it “Professor Cozy.” And every time I say the name in my head I use a British accent. Just seems to fit. “Professor Cozy. How’s it going old chap?”

Professor Cozy? Is that you, old chap?

I used fabric from an old wool suit on the outside and cotton shirt on the inside. I had been getting requests for more masculine coffee sleeves and the only one I had that fit the bill was a robot print.

robot coffee sleeve

I also ordered a rubber stamp with my logo in order to make my own labels. I think it ended up being pretty cute. I’m going to get some ribbons or twill tape to stamp them on in the future, but old fabric scraps work for now. I had been using individual letter stamps with fabric paint to make the labels, but it was just too messy and inconsistent. I found out about fabric ink pads from the Bend the Rules Sewing flickr group discussion. It was very helpful.

Inside professor cozy's label

possible coffee sleeve fabrics

What to use first? hmmm….

fabric #1

fabric #2

fabric #3

Two down. A million to go.

Somehow I actually got the scarf made for K. I think it’s actually my favorite so far!

We’ll see if she still wants it. I did take longer than expected to make due to moving. And now it’s 56 degrees today. Hopefully she’ll still want to buy it, but if not I can always put it up on Etsy or wear it myself.

red scarf 3/2

red scarf 3/2 detail

I also managed to get two more coffee sleeves made.

teal acorns coffee sleeve

dots and plaid empty


To do… Do it now!

How am I going to find time to do all of these things that are already past due?

1. One red and brown scarf for K.

2nd scarf made

2. One more baby blanket for L.

zoo quilt

3. Professor style coffee sleeve for D.

4. couch quilt for A.

5. more coffee sleeves in wonderful new fabrics for the store