Delicious & Cute Giveaway

Do you like coffee? Of course you do.  And it’s even better when it’s free!

nautical stripes

Head over to Sarahcentric, where you can enter to win some delicious and hard to find Graham Cracker coffee and one of my cute coffee sleeves  in honor of Sarahcentric’s new blog design. She will be selecting two winners and giving you extra special ways to enter more than once. 

Believe me, I’ve had this Graham Cracker coffee and it’s sooo very good. I beg Sarah to bring me some every time she goes upstate. Even my boyfriend, who hates flavored coffee, loves it.

So, please head over to Sarahcentric now to enter!!


Cozy Crazy

Hi. It’s been a while now, but I make a promise to you, right here and now, that I will be posting much more often. Just thought you should know.

cozy crazy

I have been super busy making tons of cozies/coffee sleeves these last two weekends. Christmas time is close at hand and I have got to get a head start this year. I’ve got to stockpile. Last year, I had so many friends and co-workers order them in the last couple weeks leading up to christmas that I was surviving on six hours of sleep a night. That’s torture to me. I love sleep too much! 

So, friends, take a look at my Etsy shop if you get a chance. They make awesome stocking stuffers, thoughtful eco-friendly gifts, and are great for small tokens of appreciation to teachers, neighbors and co-workers.

Meanwhile, I’ll be right here in the sewing room.


  cozy crazy


But at least I have some company…


Zooey, my sewing partner

Zooey, the cat: always available to sleep somewhere nearby, anytime of day.

Fall Look

label making

Fall seems closer than it should be. Last weekend I realized that I needed to get down to business. I need to make lots and lots of coffee sleeves and scarves for fall, but also so that I can stock pile some for winter when people are looking for stocking stuffers.

finished scarf

That got me thinking about how I actually sold my own scarf to someone last winter, so I’ll need to make a new one for myself. The scarves I sold were made out of fabric from used men’s suits and paired with silk kimono pieces. 

Professor Cozy? Is that you, old chap?

Professor Cozy was born out of the same suit pieces and some old button down work shirts.

As I started to work on some more coffee sleeves I decided to combine the suit pieces with some of my pretty new fabrics. I think the combination is great!

the future

I think I might steer the Doe and the Mouse in this direction for fall. I really like the way it’s going.


Two items checked off the To Do list this weekend. And I made a whole bunch of other coffee sleeves as well.

mountain of cozies

I’m on a roll. Must be The Sorcerer’s Stone on my ipod keeping me company. I just can’t get enough of harry.

DONE – 1. Hem AG’s two skirts before her trip.

hemmed purple skirt

hemmed jean skirt

DONE – 2. Make ten girlie cozies for T. – The bright pink one is the reversible inside of the cozies.

tara's girlie cozies

Finished product

Here is Carol’s finished coffee sleeve. I think it’s pretty cute. I made one more for Etsy and one for Fiber  Notion.

Carol's finished coffee sleeve

And the inside is a kind of cotton candy stripe of pink, purple, white and brown.

other side of fabric

inside fabric

The blue and green one is for James. I’ll be mailing it out tomorrow. Hope they like them.

For Carol and James

Ah. Professor Cozy! So nice to meet you.

I made this new coffee sleeve last night. I call it “Professor Cozy.” And every time I say the name in my head I use a British accent. Just seems to fit. “Professor Cozy. How’s it going old chap?”

Professor Cozy? Is that you, old chap?

I used fabric from an old wool suit on the outside and cotton shirt on the inside. I had been getting requests for more masculine coffee sleeves and the only one I had that fit the bill was a robot print.

robot coffee sleeve

I also ordered a rubber stamp with my logo in order to make my own labels. I think it ended up being pretty cute. I’m going to get some ribbons or twill tape to stamp them on in the future, but old fabric scraps work for now. I had been using individual letter stamps with fabric paint to make the labels, but it was just too messy and inconsistent. I found out about fabric ink pads from the Bend the Rules Sewing flickr group discussion. It was very helpful.

Inside professor cozy's label

possible coffee sleeve fabrics

What to use first? hmmm….

fabric #1

fabric #2

fabric #3