Photography for Etsy

More coffee sleeves cut out and ready to flip.

I’ve been having a tough time this weekend trying to figure out the best kind of photography for my Etsy shop. You can see here that when I photograph the coffee sleeves on the table against the green wall, the light and texture looks so good. But I have learned that using background colors different from the item itself discourages people from using these types of photos in Treasuries, collection that are sometimes chosen for the front page of Etsy.

New XOXO coffee sleeve

I don’t have a white or neutral colored wall in the room with the most light, so I decided to try a white curtain for the background. I don’t think it’s working out, though. The photo then becomes bleached out somehow. Or maybe my camera is just off.

Russian Dolls coffee sleeve

Anyway, I’ll be experimenting more. I hope this doesn’t affect item views!


To Do List – June 11

1. Hem AG’s two skirts before her trip.

2. Make ten girlie cozies for T.

3. Make and list more skull cozies, etc. for A (from Florida…you know who you are.) so he stops being mad at me. Also make a red riding hood sleeve for S.

4. Perfect my secret prototype coffee sleeve for summer. And then I can make the skull secret sleeve for S, as well.

5. Make lots and lots of professor cozies that I already cut out.

6. Make AG’s quilt. It’s ready to go. I don’t know what my problem is.

7. Make myself some place mats and pot holders.

8. Make myself a delightful summer tote bag… whenever I build up the courage.

9. Make that surprise quilt for so and so.

10. Make my own damn argyle quilt!

Ugh. So much to do. It just seems like this list never gets shorter.

Blue Zoo

I finished L’s baby quilt that she’s giving to her new nephew.

Blue Zoo quilt

I used the blue and green version of Alexander Henry’s 2D zoo fabric for the front. It’s so damn cute! I had previously made one out of the mostly primary colored animals a couple months ago. For the back I picked a green fabric with light green polka dots. (I always manage to sneak some dots in whenever I can.) And L actually picked out the border herself. I think the stripes are a nice contrast to the rest.

Back of Blue Zoo quilt

I bought a free-motion foot thinking that I was going to quilt this with leave patterns based on the top fabric, but I opted for stars in the end. I wanted to add some sort of special touch since the quilt itself was just two solid fabrics. My mom was the one that suggested the stars because it kind of looks like the starburst shaped flowers on the front.

The free-motion foot is amazingly difficult to use. It bounces around like crazy, so I guess I’ll need much more practice. Although, maybe I’ll want that “crazy” look someday and it will actually come in handy.

Oh! And if anyone out there has advice on how to use that bouncy free-motion foot, please let me know.

Ooh! Quilt giveaway at Old Red Barn Co.

Old Red Barn quilt giveaway

How exciting! Take a look at this cute and cuddly quilt that’s being given away on Old Red Barn Co.

Post a comment and enter by March 19th to win.

Two down. A million to go.

Somehow I actually got the scarf made for K. I think it’s actually my favorite so far!

We’ll see if she still wants it. I did take longer than expected to make due to moving. And now it’s 56 degrees today. Hopefully she’ll still want to buy it, but if not I can always put it up on Etsy or wear it myself.

red scarf 3/2

red scarf 3/2 detail

I also managed to get two more coffee sleeves made.

teal acorns coffee sleeve

dots and plaid empty


To do… Do it now!

How am I going to find time to do all of these things that are already past due?

1. One red and brown scarf for K.

2nd scarf made

2. One more baby blanket for L.

zoo quilt

3. Professor style coffee sleeve for D.

4. couch quilt for A.

5. more coffee sleeves in wonderful new fabrics for the store