Kauai fabrics and patterns

 I just came back from Kauai. It’s so beautiful there.

ke'e beach
I went to this fabric/quilting store there called Kapaia Stitchery. They had so much stuff to choose from and you could tell that the continual growth of so many flowers all over the island have definitely influenced the fabric designers there.

I wanted to get some local fabrics so, this is what I chose:


Bright colorful and fun.


The turtle print is exclusive to the shop.


my favorites

And these are my absolute favorites. I love them so much! I am not sure what these will be used for yet, but perhaps a quilt would be nice mixed with some white fabric, of course.


hawaiian patterns

At the last minute, I picked these two pattern books up at the airport. I’m sure they had them at the quilting store, but I just didn’t think of it then.


Scallops? Yeah right.

Austen, it’s not going well. Remember how I said that your ice cave couch quilt would have lovely scalloped shapes instead of boring old lines quilted into it? Sorry, buddy. I’m afraid not.

scallops 1

Maybe I’m using this “Quilting made easy” template paper in the wrong fashion. Maybe it should only be used for edges. I don’t know, but it just didn’t work.

scallops machine

I mean, I was able to quilt a little bit… at a snail’s pace, but it was wonky and didn’t look very good. So, we are back to good old diamonds. I hope you can handle the news.

Pot holders & Place mats

I was very productive this weekend! I think the tote bag really gave me a boost of confidence.

potholders and placemats

I finished two items (or six, really) that have been needed for quite some time: pot holders and place mats. Many months ago I suggested that maybe we just buy them, but Etienne would not let me. He told me I had to make them myself.

placemats four set

After quite some time, deliberating about which style of placemats to make, I settled on a classic three panel tryptich. Haha. No. Kidding. I made that up, of course. I just  thought it might be nice to pretend that the side panels were meaningful. A place where the silverware could lay. Designated.

double-sided placemats

The place mats are double sided. The black for when you have some Indian food and the cream for when you are eating cereal. Very important. Actually I just wanted some variety and wanted so badly to use both colors of the Lecien My Folklore fabric. It’s soooo cute. I mean mushrooms, electric blue squirrels, and fruit bearing trees with roosters! I had to use it for something that I could look at often.

pot holders

It was pretty much the same thought for the pot holders. I almost made robot pot holders, but Etienne suggested using one of the really cute fabrics instead. I bought this polar bear and bunny summer fabric a long time ago. Just look at the polar bears cycling and smiling. And the bunny in his old fashioned swimsuit is great.

pot holders

I used Denyse Schmidt’s “Too Hot To Handle” pot holder pattern from her quilting book. I decided to make it thicker, though, by adding a layer of insulating material for safety. No burns, thank you very much.

pot holders binding

And the craftiest, most amazing part of all… the binding. When I made Joan’s tote bag out of sheets I cut off the edge of the sheets where the fabric was folded up. I thought, “Kim. You should save that. In the most perfect crafty world we can use EVERY bit of leftover fabric. No wasting, please.” So, I opened it up and used it for binding. Not very complicated, but I felt good that I wasn’t wasting and that I didn’t have to make any binding myself. Bleh. I think the white binding looks really nice against the rest, too.

Two down. A million to go.

Somehow I actually got the scarf made for K. I think it’s actually my favorite so far!

We’ll see if she still wants it. I did take longer than expected to make due to moving. And now it’s 56 degrees today. Hopefully she’ll still want to buy it, but if not I can always put it up on Etsy or wear it myself.

red scarf 3/2

red scarf 3/2 detail

I also managed to get two more coffee sleeves made.

teal acorns coffee sleeve

dots and plaid empty


To do… Do it now!

How am I going to find time to do all of these things that are already past due?

1. One red and brown scarf for K.

2nd scarf made

2. One more baby blanket for L.

zoo quilt

3. Professor style coffee sleeve for D.

4. couch quilt for A.

5. more coffee sleeves in wonderful new fabrics for the store